Golden Tulip Grand Bé Saint-Malo – France

Within the historic city walls of Saint-Malo, a few steps away from the Bon Secours beach, the Golden Tulip Saint-Malo Le Grand Bé opened its doors to the general public on 12th January. This new establishment bears the new Golden Tulip brand image and offers a unique experience to its business travellers who seek leisure time in the heart of the city of Saint-Malo.

Golden Tulip Saint-Malo Le Grand Bé – a place steeped in history These historic stones with which the town has been built for generations now host a 4-star hotel, a restaurant/bar/tea house for the true connoisseurs, a spa area to relax after a long day, and also a seminar room for the hardened professionals. After being completely renovated by the ‘Groupe Bardon’ company with help from interior designer, Philippe Lucazezau (Agence Solo, Nantes), the building was unveiled in a whole new light thanks to a beautiful original glass ceiling and a stylish fishing net fitting which hangs over the building’s interior. Paying homage to the island by bearing the same name, a name dear to the hearts of Saint-Malo residents, the Golden Tulip Saint-Malo Le Grand Bé really appeals to a large audience. A wide range of services are on offer for travellers from entertainment to business facilities. Overlooking the Frères Lamennais square, the Hotel incorporates the new Golden Tulip brand identity, yet stands out thanks to its spa facilities, restaurants and its iconic tandem bike rides which can be enjoyed by those who love outdoor adventures.

The hotel has 56 rooms decorated in a contemporary way with the greatest of care. The Golden Tulip Saint-Malo Le Grand Bé combines local authenticity with modern comforts. The restaurant menu, created by the head chef Antoine Loncle, allows you to discover a refined and seasonal cuisine, made with freshly-caught seafood and local ingredients produced in Brittany.

For those with a sweet tooth, the tea house allows you to indulge on its unique pastries, made on the premises by the restaurant’s baker. To quench your thirst, the Hotel bar, which is perfectly located close to the vibrant atmosphere of Saint-Malo, is open any time of the day. The establishment also has spa facilities fitted with installations unique to France such as sensory showers, a hydro-massaging bed, a snow shower or even a
‘zero-gravity’ bed.

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