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U University presents its new school year !

U University is proud to present its 13 directors from the first Bachelor class.

Launched in 2017 by U, the Bachelor program aims to support our assistants in their desire for internal mobility to become hotel managers. The diploma concerned is “Responsible of service in Hospitality, Tourism and Restoration” (Bac +3), recognized by the State. This program has a twofold objective, first of all to promote the employability of our directors by offering a degree program, but also to support them in their rise in operational skills through assignments assignments in our hotels. The degree is awarded by the Ecole Supérieure Internationale de Savignac, a national leader in the field of Hospitality Business and Service Management, with whom the University has been working closely since its creation.



Cathy MENTEL, Raphael DAUB, Maud TROUILLET, Monika WENZEL, Stanislas GAY, Véronique ELISABETH, Mike FERNANDEZ, Chy LY, Xavier ARNAUD, Nicolas NORMAND, Plezza DADJA, Flora MANUAUD, Virgile CARENDERI

At the same time … Here’s the new MBA promotion! Ten of our hotel managers left for one year of training to earn the MBA degree. The University of Louvre Hotels Group allows its directors to obtain a higher qualification through the “MBA” program, in partnership with the Ecole Supérieure Internationale de Savignac. Ranked 1st MBA in France, the “Louvre Hotels Group Business & Service Management Certificate” diploma is level Bac +5.

The objectives of this qualification are:

  • Offer our directors a long and certified training course,
  • Promote internal promotion by developing our Talents.

This curriculum is a real management tool that reinforces U’s desire to be a “learning” university.
The program is organized alternately including technical and managerial trainings: financial management, commercial management, Yield Management …


RAHAMI Karine ; ROUSSEAU David ; DEBUCHE Mathieu ; MERABET Emilie ; MARTINEZ Cédric ; MAILLARD Fabrice ; MALLET Laurent ; LE MOAL Thibald ; RAHMOUNE Khadija ; MAIRE Rudy

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